Linda Gatewood

Saunderstown, RI, United States

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Jun 18 at 08:58 AM

Day 59 update: 1)Took 1 Tums during this time; 2) Walking an average of 18,000 steps/day. Walked 67 miles last week; 3) Sugar cravings decreased about 70%; 4) Lost 7 pounds. This is an interesting path to improved health.



Jun 06 at 10:21 AM

(59 yo female) I recently emailed the "Know-Your-Numbers" list to my physician in advance of my annual physical. My physician responded saying my insurance will not cover the costs of some of the tests. Apparently, I'm not unhealthy enough to warrant the expense of obtaining these baselines. 🤔 I'm 59 - seems like a good time to me! 

Jun 06 at 10:06 AM

I enjoy going for walks listening to these podcasts. Your message is consistent and hopeful. I accidentally found OTL on Spotify in January and have since gradually made changes to improve my health and wellness. THANK YOU for all  you do! 

I bought OTL peanut butter and choc chip bars for my 90 year old mother. She has a sweet tooth (which she denies) and memory loss (also denies) which has been problematic to her health. I thought these bars would be a healthful option for her. She loves the bars , possibly too much! Her aide said she ate 3 yesterday😮 We had to hide them from her! 


May 05 at 09:17 AM

What I've noticed:1) I haven't taken a Tums in a week; 2) I go to bed feeling "accomplished" because I took care of my health vs. ending the day beating myself up for not taking any steps towards better health; 3)The previous sets me up for better sleep, 4) I started prioritizing time to walk each day. 4,000 steps/day for week 1, 5,000 for week 2, and 6,000 for week 3. Willingly walked over 40 miles in 2 weeks! I listen to OTL podcasts while walking to help maintain my focus on incorporating small steps, getting closer to the source, and improving the quality of the food I purchase. I'm paying attention OTL folks! Thank you all for what you do!