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It is a rare occurrence when someone comes into your life who possesses such incredible knowledge and passion to inspire you to greatness. If you are seeking how to improve health, do not walk, do not run, but sprint to all things from On Target Living.

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Michael Borza

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My On Target Living?

On Target Living's team of experts have created an online experience designed to help you feel your best.

My On Target Living offers exclusive courses, weekly content, and a community designed to view and engage from anywhere.


• The System (21-Steps)

• Move Program

• Mindful Eating Audio Program

• Expanding Your Capacity

• Breathing

• The Power of the Mind

• Prevent & Reverse Diabetes

• Eat Challenge


• On Target Living Podcast

• Weekly Workouts

• Meditations

• Breathing Exercises

• Recipes


• Live events

• Discussions

• Coaching

•Group Calls

How much does it cost?

You’ve got options!

  1. Monthly: $14.99/month*

  2. Yearly: $155.95 or $12.99/month*

  3. Group/corporate bundles available-Contact us for rates.

*Free 3-day trial

How do I consume it?

This is a versatile video-based platform with an accompanying app, you can watch on your computer web browser, tablet, or smartphone. You can also lock your phone or tablet screen and use the app as an audio player if you prefer!

Can I buy for my office or company?

Absolutely! Bulk pricing for multiple users within an organization or group are available. Contact us for rates.

Why did we create this product?

Our team speaks to more than 100,000 people every year, and after each presentation we try our best to answer emails, phone calls and guide people on next steps. To put it simply, we were looking for a more streamlined way to share our message and training without sacrificing the integrity and quality.

Why use the On Target Living app versus another?

There are so many health apps on the market, why choose ours? You can trust us! We will save you time, energy, and we will keep you engaged long-term. Our product is one-of-a-kind and unique because it utilizes our proven REST | EAT | MOVE methodology. As a team we have more than 100 years of combined education, experience, and a proven track record with sustainable results. Our expert team of Chris Johnson, Matt Johnson, Kristen Brogan and Tab Jackson, are sure to keep you moving in the right direction!

This is your final stop to finally feeling your BEST!

When you subscribe to On Target Living, you are getting more than online content, we have HUMANS you can talk to. Call us during business hours or send an email to Matt, Chris, Kristen. (517) 325-1140 or info@ontargetliving.com

Matt Johnson - mjohnson@ontargetliving.com

Chris Johnson - chrisjohnson@ontargetliving.com

Tab Jackson - coachtab@ontargetliving.com

Kristen Brogan - kbrogan@ontargetliving.com

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